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Passing one or more exams is the requirement for achieving certification and, in most cases, for recertification. The main requirement for obtaining SAS Institute Career Certifications is to take and pass one or more certification exams. Get ready for your SAS Institute exams  and more.

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Exams Title
A00-211 SAS Base Programming for SAS 9
A00-212  SAS Advanced Programming for SAS 9
A00-240 SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling Credential Exam
A00-260 SAS Data Integration Development for SAS 9
A00-270 SAS BI Content Development for SAS 9
A00-281 SAS Clinical Trials Programming Using SAS 9 – Accelerated Version 9 Accelerated Version


The SAS Certified Professional Program was launched by SAS Institute, Inc. in 1999 to recognize users who can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of SAS software. The program consists of five certifications across a number of functional areas. There are several SAS courses which prepare users for the certification exams. To date many programmers have taken these courses, some experienced users just take the exams, and there are many other SAS savvy professionals who are experienced but not SAS certified! This paper will review the benefits and limitations of the Certification Program for new SAS users as well as those who are more experienced and investigate whether it meets the needs of the user community. Why get certified? What’s in it for you? The impact of the Certification Program on SAS jobs and its importance in industry vs. work experience and other SAS training courses will also be explored from an end user’s perspective.


In the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in the number of companies (Microsoft, Novell, Lotus) offering certification as part of their business partner program. In line with this growing trend the SAS Certified Professional Program was introduced by SAS Institute at SUGI in April of 1999. Since being introduced over 6 years ago there have been over 5000 professionals certified across the globe in a number of different industries. Although most people know that SAS certification exists many are still unclear about the value of having this credential. This paper will provide a comprehensive review of the SAS certified professional program including the various training routes available to prepare for the programming exams. This review is based on my own personal experience as well as information obtained from other users. The benefit of the certification program will also be explored in terms of its current value to employers and employees and future impact on jobs. In the last few years there have been several very good presentations given by SAS Institute Inc. and there is also quite a lot of information on the web. This paper offers an independent review of the SAS Certified Professional Program (with particular emphasis on the Base Programming credential) from an end user’s perspective.


As a SAS programmer or technical manager working in industry or academia you are probably aware of the available educational tools which would increase your SAS knowledge and enhance the career of your employees. SAS certification is one such qualification which is available to users today. Since its original inception the certified professional program has undergone several transformations. The exams were originally based on a particular SAS version however individuals are now evaluated at a job role level rather than a particular SAS release (1). The SAS certified professional program currently offers five globally recognized certification tracks which are designed to test the skill set and knowledge base of SAS users across a number of specific areas. There are two SAS programming certifications (Base and Advanced) and three specialty tracks which focus on Web Development and Warehouse Technology. Each track requires successful completion of one or more certification exams before a programmer can become fully certified. The following table provides a brief summary of the five certifications that are currently available along with the exams you need to take in order to complete a particular track:

SAS Certified Base Programmer SAS Base Programming
SAS Certified Advanced Programmer

SAS Base Programming

SAS Advanced Programming

SAS Certified WebAF Developer: Server side

SAS Advanced Programming

SAS WebAF Server-side Application Development

SAS Certified Warehouse Development Specialist

SAS Advanced Programming

SAS Warehouse Technology

SAS Warehouse Development Specialist Concepts

SAS Certified Warehouse Architect

SAS Warehouse Technology

SAS Warehouse Architect Concepts

As you can see most of the tracks (apart from the Base Programmer certification) require completion of more than one exam. Completion of the Base Programmer certification is probably the best place to start as it is the easiest tracks. According to SAS you should have at least one year of programming experience before taking the Base Programming exam and a minimum of three years programming and data management experience before taking the SAS Advanced Programming exam. The three specialty tracks require more detailed knowledge in their specific functional area along with several years work experience. It is important to note that programming experience in the specific functional area is essential before taking any of the above exams. Full details of all the above certification tracks can be found on the following website This site also contains a whole host of other useful information regarding SAS certification and training, and includes a full list of all the possible SAS Institute courses you can take to prepare for an exam. I would encourage readers who are thinking about taking any of the above certification exams to visit this site first.